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CMA-Advanced: Nasogastric/Gastrostomy/Respiratory
Course Description
CMA-Advanced: Nasogastric/Gastrostomy/Respiratory

Receive a combination of advanced training in the administration of medications and nutrition via nasogastric and gastrostomy tubes, along with administration of oral inhalers and nebulizers. Studies consist of class time and skills lab. All skill demonstrations require 100% proficiency.

Clock Hours: 16

Prerequisites: Current CNA and CMA certification in Oklahoma. Listed on the state Nurse Aide Registry with no abuse notations.

Corequisites: Students must attend all 16 hours.

Requirements: Bring valid government photo ID and proof of social security number. All permanent residents must submit evidence of their permanent resident card.

Upcoming Schedule
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4229402/07/23 - 02/08/238:00a-4:30pTWHCC7$135.00Enroll!
4229304/11/23 - 04/12/238:00a-4:30pTWHCC7$135.00Enroll!
4229206/13/23 - 06/14/238:00a-4:30pTWHCC7$135.00Enroll!